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Frequently Asked Questions

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Common Questions

Do all your flats have double beds?

We supply single beds in all our flats and houses. This is because we have traditional properties, and these have varying room sizes throughout.

If you wish us to remove our single bed, so you can bring your own double, we are happy to do so, we do however charge £100 for this process as we need to remove the bed, store it and replace it at the end of the tenancy when you leave and take your bed with you.

Do you respond to any maintenance issues we may have?

Yes, we are a family run business, and someone is always on 24hr call. You may find that we do not always turn out to an issue and try and talk you through it on the phone, and if it's not an emergency we may arrive next day, but yes, someone is always on the end of the phone.

How do we reserve a property?

Once all the group have seen the property and we have confirmed this, we will need to take a £100 reservation fee via bank transfer or PayPal  from one of member the group. We will then arrange a contract signing day with the group. Upon signing the contract the £100 reservation fee is returned.

Do you return Deposits / What do you do with the Deposits?

We work with the Government backed scheme, using

All your deposits are insured/protected and full details can be found on their website. You will leave a contract signing with all the relevant legal documentation to show we have protected your deposit.

Do you take Credit Cards / Debit Cards?

No, we accept cheque, bank transfer, PayPal or cash. If we inccur any charges against the payment made to us by you, these must be covered as an extra cost by you.

Keeping the property clean and tidy

Penlane Ltd is a family run business, and thus we own all our properties. We expect our house and flats to be kept in a clean and tidy condition. We understand studying is a busy time, that does not however excuse cleaning and keeping in good order the property that we rent to you.

Inventories and Damage

Penlane Ltd takes video footage and photos of properties as part of the summer inventory. We expect our properties to be returned in the condition that we rent to you. If you wish to party the tenancy away and hand back the property damaged or unclean, we will expect the Tenants to pay for the damage and cleaning.


One of the biggest issues in any Tenancy is normally noise and disturbing others around you. Being blunt, you must abide by local By-Laws, you do not have a human right to play loud music outside local By-Law hours. You will be in a shared house, please be aware that disturbing behaviour will affect yours and others studies over time.